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What we've been doing in class

A Visit to the R​​​​​​HS Bridgewater

We had such a fabulous day. We explored the beautiful gardens, had loads of fun the Woodlabd Play area and learnt so much about plants where we even planted our own! 

Quarry Bank Mill

What a fabulous visit to Quarry Bank Mill where we found out what it was like to be an apprentice in the Victorian times: living I the apprentice house and working long, tiring hours in the Mill. 

Wellbeing Warriors Session - 7th July 2021

Our class have had Wellbeing Warriors in to talk to us about our wellbeing during lockdown and how it made us feel. They gave us all a scrapbook each and we decorated the front covers with jewels, pictures and stickers. Inside these scrap books, we can express our emotions by doing mindfulness colouring and do activities about our family, friends, worries, what makes us smile etc. Also, we had a spinner with different emotions on and when we landed on one, we had to say a sentence about that emotion and lockdown. We learnt that it is ok to feel these different emotions but it is about how we can help ourselves change the negative emotions into positive emotions. One of the best things we did was 'Dough Relaxation'. This is when you get dough and close your eyes. The teacher reads a relaxation story that includes things to do with the dough. It was really calming and took our minds off any worries and we just focused on the dough. At the end of the session, we were able to take a bag of activities, the dough and the scrapbook home with us to continue and to show our family.

Written by Evie and Srinika

Friction Investigation - 2nd July 2021

We made created friction by rubbing different materials along the carpet. These materials included carpet, wood, rubber, foam and sandpaper. We did a fair test to see which material created the most friction and which created the least amount friction. We did this by pulling the the materials along the flat surface using a newton metre. A newton metre is a piece of equipment that measures the amount of newtons (the force). To make sure the investigation was fair, we kept all the variables the same but only changed one. The variable we changed was the type of material that we would pull along the flat surface. We also put a 1kg weight on top to help with pulling it along. At the end of the investigation, we found out that the sandpaper created the most friction as it was very rough. The wood created the least amount of friction as it was very smooth.

Written by Pheo and Shay


Here are photographs of us with our Wellbeing Through Sport certificates.

Performance Poetry

5A have been learning some poems and working on creating a performance. Have a watch, they are amazing!


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Well-being P.E Stress Management

Today, the children looked at how to deal with Stress- keeping calm, visualisation, controlled breathing, keeping quiet. These techniques definitely helped them during the games.

I think the Stress might have got to some people. What do you think?

Well-being P.E - Humour

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Red Nose Day

The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing in red, creating their funny poses and telling some hilarious jokes in the afternoon!


Today we remembered those that sacrificed their lives for us during the wars. We placed a poppy around the tree and had a special assembly via Google Classrooms with Mr Platt and Mrs Owen where Miss Lea performed the Last Post on her Flugle


Long Multiplication

Today in Year 5 we have been learning how to do long multiplication. It was hard work, but we got there with the help of our friend Bob! Ask us and we'll show you at home and introduce Bob to you too!

Raring to go for the start of Year 5!
At harvest time, we bring in food to help people less fortunate than ourselves. We have donated all this marvellous food to Mustard Tree Charity.