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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 


Admissions Arrangements


St. Andrew’s educates 480 pupils in total. Most age groups are oversubscribed.


Important – Procedure for Nursery and Reception.


If your child is due to join nursery or move into reception, applications must be received by 15th January and you will be notified of a place on 16th April of the year of admission.


Parents can find all admissions information and also apply online at:  and


All applications from Salford residents should be sent to the School Admissions Team by the above dates, even if they are applying to an out of area school or independent school.


Who do I contact for more information?


If you have any further queries or require additional information, please contact the Admissions and Exclusions Team on 0161 909 6508.


Admissions and Exclusions Team

Children’s Services
2nd Floor
Unity House
Salford Civic Centre
Chorley Road
M27 5AW


As far as possible, Salford’s Admissions and Exclusions Team will try to meet parental preferences for schools but it is not always possible to do so. Places in schools are limited by the physical space in the school.  Each school has an admission number which is based on the size of the school.  If the number of pupils requiring places at that school exceeds the admission number then not everybody will be successful in obtaining a place there. This is what we mean when a school is said to be oversubscribed.


If the school is oversubscribed the places will be allocated according to the following admission criteria:


Admissions Criteria


The criteria for admission to St. Andrew’s as a voluntary controlled school is the local authority’s admissions criteria. This can be found at:


LA admissions criteria


No child can automatically transfer from Nursery to a Reception class. Where a school has more applications than places available in the Reception class, these will be allocated using the published admission criteria. Children who have attended the Nursery will be considered on the same basis as those who have not.


Allocation of full or part-time places in nursery classes


St. Andrew’s only allocate full places in the nursery class. This decision was made by the governing body. No places will be allocated in our Nursery classes to children who have not reached the age of three by 1 September in the admission year.


Class Arrangements: How Children Are Admitted 


All admissions are coordinated by the Local Authority. Applications for a place in the school are made directly to them. The school office will be able to help. Children can be admitted to St. Andrews at any appropriate age and we are always pleased to meet new parents in person and show them around. Please telephone the school, email or call in to make arrangements to meet the headteacher and look around. You will always be welcomed.


There are up to 60 places in each year group, split into two mixed ability classes of 30. Children can be admitted to the Nursery when they are 3 years old provided they reach this age before 31 August in the year they are admitted. Children usually transfer into the Reception classes at the end of the Nursery year when they are 4 years old although a place in the school Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception. An application has to be made to the Local Authority for a Reception place.


Usually, children transfer through the age groups until they are 11, when they normally move to a local secondary school: usually Co-op Academy Walkden, although pupils have also been successful in gaining places at Canon Slade, Bolton School, Manchester and William Hulme and Urmston Grammar Schools. 


School Accessibility Plan


The school have addressed access for people with disabilities. The Local Authority have audited our schools’ accessibility to people with disabilities and we have an action plan. The plan covers increasing the access to the curriculum, the physical environment and improving the provision of information in alternative formats to pupils with disabilities.


The name and address of the school is as follows: –


St. Andrews CE Primary School

Vicars Hall Lane
Boothstown, Worsley
Salford.  M28 1HS   Tel:   (0161) 921 1640


The Chair of Governors of the school is:


Mrs Lucy Farrell
c/o St. Andrews C.E. Primary School
Vicars Hall Lane, Boothstown.
Salford M28 1HS Tel:  (0161) 921 1640


The Headteacher is Mr M Platt.


The Clerk to the Governing Body is provided by the Local Authority, c/o St. Andrews C.E. Primary School.  The school is classified as a Voluntary Controlled Primary School catering for primary aged children (aged 3 – 11).

Admission of Pupils with SEN and/or Disabilities - click here