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Maths videos

To help you support your children with their maths homework, we have created a number of 'How to' videos that will show you how we teach certain mathematical methods here at St Andrew's. Each year group has chosen operations and calculation types that children from that year group may need extra help with and produced a guide on how to go about finding the right answer.


Nursery: The five principles of counting, subitising, patterns and positional language and routes.

Reception: Subtraction, number bonds to 10, odd and even numbers and 2D shapes.

Y1: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Y2: Addition, dividing by grouping and sharing, subtracting 2 digit numbers and finding missing numbers and multiplication

Y3: Column addition and the formal short division method

Y4: Adding and subtracting with one or more exchange and written methods for multiplication

Y5: Short and long multiplication, adding and subtracting fractions and converting fractions to mixed numbers

Y6: How to find % of amounts, how to add and subtract mixed number fractions, dividing fractions by whole numbers and long division