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Vision and School Development

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


School Vision


Developing a ‘Remarkable School’



St. Andrew’s is already a successful school and is proud of its achievements. Ten years ago the governors and staff worked hard on developing a long term plan for our school that would create a learning environment that built on previous successes and promoted the highest standards possible in a building fully equipped for education in the 21st century.


What we were trying to do?

The vision which the governors, senior leadership team, staff, pupils and parents created was based on a fundamental belief that ‘Everyone is Valued’. St. Andrew’s is a school where learning, teaching, achievement and self worth are celebrated wherever possible. In seeking to achieve this we developed a clear vision for our school for the forthcoming years, to identify what could be achieved in the short and long term and how we as a school community could contribute to our joint goals. We wanted to provide a ‘World Class’ education system in an environment and support network for all our pupils that was built on success, inclusivity, was forward thinking and equipped our children for the 21st century.


The Planning Process

We regularly evaluated our achievements so far, plan for the future and ballot the views of all stakeholders to arrive at our priorities. We are really pleased with what we have achieved so far.


Leadership and Staffing

Goal; We will be recognised through accreditations as a leading learning and staff development centre 


For any school to be successful it needed to have a strong leadership team that knew where it wanted to go. The leadership team and governors’ vision clearly articulated the school’s future direction and sense of purpose. We constantly seek to provide the best possible teachers for our children. Governors are single minded in their approach to recruiting the right staff to make this possible. Those teachers are encouraged to develop themselves professionally in order to improve the quality of their teaching. The head teacher has developed a very effective group of teachers and support staff team. However, their professional development is key to our success. St. Andrew’s has become a “Teaching School” and has reduced pupil/staff ratios to enable more individualised learning for our pupils.


Curriculum Design

Goal; We will be recognised nationally as a lead school in curriculum design


Over the last ten years have improved on our current very high standards by taking local ownership of the curriculum. The curriculum over the last few years has become richer, more engaging and exciting with a strong emphasis on English and Maths development. No sense of tension exists between high standards and exciting learning. As an outstanding school our children are engaged in learning that stretches and excites their imagination. We ensure pupils enjoy the richness of their learning - not just learning different things, but learning in different ways; outdoors, through play, in small learning groups, from each other and through art, music and sport.

We build on a very successful Foundation Stage by regularly reviewing our Outdoor Play, extended school and extra curricular provision to widen the opportunities available to children. Following success in gaining a number of school accreditations we will be working hard to gain further awards.



Goal; We will be in the top 10% of all similar primary schools (Nationally) in terms of attainment


Crucial to the success of any school is the quality of learning and teaching. We attained outstanding school status in 2013. St. Andrew’s will continue to sustain its focus on standards and personalised learning and we will ensure every child reaches their educational potential. English and Maths are a constant priority to ensure standards remain high. Close monitoring and evaluation play a major role in helping raise standards even further.


Values and School Character

Goal; Pupils are happy and enjoy coming to school. They leave us academically and socially well equipped.


Goal; Spirituality underpins the whole school ethos


At St. Andrew’s we believe the foundation of school life is its Christian ethos. We have strengthened this aspect of school life over the last ten years. The excellent behaviour, manners and respect of all pupils is rooted in the values we teach and the result of a successful partnership between home, school and Parish community. We continue to maximise each child’s talents, whether it is a sporting, creative, artistic or an academic talent we endeavour to create a learning environment that both nurtures and provides opportunities for such talents to be recognised and celebrated. The creative arts and extra curricular provision are fundamental to the success of such an aim. We want St. Andrew’s school character to be vibrant, where success is achieved by all.



Goal: We will have developed a dynamic governing body that is judged to be ‘outstanding’


St. Andrew’s governors care about our school and our children and want to put something into our local community. They ask difficult questions, accept responsibility for key decisions and challenge the school in order to raise standards. Governors have been instrumental in supporting and driving our ambitions. The governing body achieved ‘Governormark’ status in 2019  


Community, Democracy and Parents

Goal; We will have achieved the Democracy in School standard.


Goal; We will have developed the old school building to be fully functional as a community hub


Goal; We will be providing swift and easy access to on-line and school based learning resources and approaches for parents and carers


We have built on the work we do with parents and the community. Our community play a vital part in this “tripartite” system. Strong links between Church, parents and school are now very strong.  As new staff enter our community we all have a responsibility to ensure that these links are maintained; this information will be communicated to parents. We have put technology in place that will help children learn remotely from home (Home Learning Hub) with useful links to educational learning sites.


Building (Learning Spaces)

Goal; We will have an inspirational outdoor teaching environment that enables continuous learning with safe, secure, sheltered spaces. It will feature designed spaces for a formal and informal personalised curriculum that that stimulates creative thinkers


Goal; We will have an ECO school that has achieved the national ECO award                                                                                                            

Ambitious plans were put in place to raise educational achievement further and our school building has played a crucial part. We have provided an environment that is both pleasant to work in and is conducive to learning in the 21st Century. To enable us to do this we have ensured funding has been set aside through the budget each year but also all channels of Government funding pots have also been exhausted.

With the pace of change in education we needed a building equipped to face the challenges of education in the future. The hub of school life and key to our future direction was the administration area and classrooms. We have create a new administration block and financed a number of classroom extensions that have enhanced the working environment. We have also re-located the two classrooms from the old building onto the main site. A new Foundation Stage classroom and re-modelling has enhanced the quality of the Foundation Stage provision, improved access to vital resources, aided educational continuity and provided firmer foundations for the future. We have improved the toilet facilities, re-developed the old building and made all playgrounds more conducive to pupil learning and activity. We achieved ECO schools status in 2017.


Health and Safety/Access

Goal; We will be utilising the most up to date technology to control access both from outside and within the school site making the school an even safer and healthier place to learn and achieve.


Goal; We will have created an attractive and welcoming physical environment, with school information and curriculum accessible to all.


The Health and Safety of our children was a priority and an on going requirement. We have already achieved much in our efforts to achieve a first class education for our pupils. We have renewed our roof, electrics and fire alarm system. The provision of the new security fence has also accomplished better security and the new windows and doors have helped to further achieve this. Access to school facilities, day and evening have been improved for all users regardless of disability. Electronically controlled access and covered canopies have been put in place. Play areas and all outdoor play facilities have been developed.


Play and Grounds

Vision; We will have established high quality sport and leisure facilities that will excite and enthuse children and community users and encourage everyone to be healthy and active.



Outdoor resources been regularly funded to ensure each child’s teacher can provide a teaching and learning environment that maximises learning opportunities open to children. Technology, outdoor play provision, books, mathematical apparatus and furniture suitable for the 21st Century now forms a large part of our resource acquisition.


I.C.T. - St. Andrew’s of the Future

Goal; We will have the latest 'leading edge technologies' for all staff and pupils and will have achieved the National School ICT mark


Our school is an “ICT rich environment” that includes:


  • A dual system of dedicated suites that has increased the number of accessible fixed and portable devices deployed flexibly using wireless technologies linked with our fixed network. Anywhere access has been the key


  • A growing use of presentation technologies that support whole class and one to one learning for pupils to express their creativity through digital video technologies and conferencing. Tailored content and resources offer more differentiated learning experiences where learners’ needs are better understood and met.


  • We have a network and software capability which exploits the benefits of various technologies for learning and delivers tangible and measurable improvements and outcomes for children.


St. Andrew’s has made great strides in recent years in its implementation of technology and computing to support teaching and learning and improve the efficiency of tracking pupil progress. It has been a pre-requisite that all new building projects have provided for high speed, reliable wireless and hard wire networks as well as the capacity for flexibility of use at the heart of our building designs. We continue to regard ICT as the ‘fifth utilty,’ flexible, powerful and necessary. Over the ten years we have developed a school resourced with the latest technology that has equipped our pupils with the skills necessary for the wider world.