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What we've been doing in class

Visiting St Mary's Church

As part of our R.E. work we visited St Mary's church in Ellenbrook to find out why the church is such an important place for Christians. We listened as Mrs Owen showed us the different parts of the church and explained what happened there. We looked at her special robes, lit a candle to pray for others and even took part in a Christening!

Sewing for D.T!

We have been learning how to sew! First we had to thread the needle and then we learnt how to do a running stitch. Once we were confident, we designed our own pouches using different colours of felt. We traced our patterns onto the felt, cut it out, used our running stitches to sew our pieces together and then decorated our pouches to complete our designs. We had lots of fun!


We have been investigating the stability of different shapes and then using this to make a chair for baby bear! We worked hard to make our chairs strong enough the hold him. Look at our amazing creations!


Wow! Just look at how good we are getting at touch typing!

It's Christmas!!!

We have had such an amazing time getting ready for Christmas with our party day, cinema trip, Christmas Jumper Day and who could forget our wonderful Christmas play! Here we all are waiting to entertain you! 

P.S. - Did we tell you that Santa's reindeer escaped in our classroom??

Remembrance Day

To commemorate those who fought in wars for us, created a poppy collage and placed it in our Remembrance garden.


We have been learning all about algorithms and how designers us them to program games. We investigated how simple games work by looking at their algorithms and even had a go at writing some of our own!

Children In Need

We had lots of fun dressing up in spots for Children In Need and we raised money too!

Meet Year 2!

We're all ready for an exciting year ahead and can't wait to find out what we will be doing! Look how smart we look in our new uniforms.