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Admission of Pupils with SEN and Disabilities


Children are admitted to St. Andrew’s according to the Salford Local Authority’s admission policy.  Pupils with SEN and/or disabilities have their needs assessed by the school in consultation with the child’s parents, the local authority and health agencies prior to entry to ensure the school’s physical environment and the appropriate resources (materials and personnel) can meet the child’s needs.


The school already has experience in developing a range of strategies to meet academic, emotional, behavioural, medical and physical needs.  These include additional adult support, not only in the classroom but also at lunchtime and on school trips, specialist resources, differentiation of lessons and the use of different teaching methods.  Outside agencies often give advice in relation to more significant needs.  All practical steps are taken to ensure that disabled children fully participate in everyday activities.


To ensure the school continues to be proactive in its provision for those with SEN and/or disabilities it frequently reviews its ability to educate these children. School then revises its School Development Plan.  It also reviews the individual pupils who will be on roll in advance of each new academic year to evaluate need and formulate a plan to ensure appropriate levels of provision are made.