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Severe Weather Procedures

In light of our experiences in previous winters with the adverse weather conditions and the current weather forecasts, I write to clarify procedures should school be affected again this year.


If there is a snow fall during the night and conditions dictate that school cannot open then we will contact parents and carers via text to inform you that school is closed. The school website, answering machine and council website will also be updated with the latest information and advice on a regular basis. The recent request for updated parental contact information has now been processed onto the system – if you have not already done so please forward updated contact details as a matter of urgency so that you can be included in text messaging. Please note that you cannot reply to the text messages.


You can also listen to the local radio stations which will broadcast school closure details.

I must stress that if school can be opened safely, then it will be. Decisions to close our school are a last resort. In order to safeguard your child in the unlikely event of school closure during the school day, a text message will be made informing you of the decision so that you can make arrangements to collect your child early. Any children not collected will remain in school with a member of staff until your arrival.