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Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Life Cycle of a Butterfly 


This half term we have been learning about life cycles. After reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' we talked about what happened within the story and how the caterpillar got bigger, then made a small house for himself called a 'cocoon'. He stayed in his cocoon for 2 weeks and eventually he nibbled a hole out of his cocoon and he came out of his cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. The story then helped us to talk about the life cycle of a butterfly. We also looked through some non fiction books that told us lots of interesting facts about caterpillars and butterflies. 


Then at the beginning of the half term we got our very own caterpillars and together as a class we are going to look after them and watch them turn into butterflies. 


There will be more pictures coming soon ...