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Playground Buddies

Playground buddies 2023-24

Our playground buddies are always visible on the playground and are there to help anyone who might need it. They are friendly, approachable and kind!

Welling buddies on a recruitment drive!

As part of our School Vision and Healthy Schools Status we have been developing ways to support the emotional wellbeing of our pupils.  During break times we will have designated playground buddies to support anyone who feels they may need them. The Buddies will be trained to look out for any pupils who are in need of a friend and they will also be taught to mediate in minor disputes.

Year 2 pupils will be chosen to monitor KS1 playtimes and pupils from years 4 to 6 will be chosen for KS2. Children will apply for the positions through PSHE lessons and will have to state why they will be good for the role.


The Playground Buddy scheme aims to give pupils a sense of responsibility and to teach them the skills to resolve conflicts peacefully without the need for adult intervention. I am sure you will agree that the Playground Buddy scheme will play an important part in improving playtimes for all pupils.


Here is a copy of the application form we normally ask our children to complete: