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The last week in Nursery...

Sports Day

Our trip to the farm

Our Ducklings and Life Cycles

We wonder what will hatch?

We read information books to discover which animals hatch from eggs and the children made some predictions.


I wonder what will hatch out of these eggs?

We observed the eggs hatch. They are ducklings!

We held the ducks and took great care of them all week.

We gave them water, food and love. It was fun to see them play together.

Our Nativity

This year, unfortunately, we could not perform our Christmas Nativity in the hall to our Mums and Dads. However, we filmed each scene and made it into a short performance. We were very excited to be able to watch ourselves on the television. We are all superstars! Actually, we are all 'angels'.

This week, Nursery have been learning about Diwali. We learnt that it is also called the 'festival of lights' and lasts for five days.  We talked about how Hindu and Sikh people celebrate Diwali. Throughout the week, we made 'rangoli' patterns using shapes, chalk and rice. We said that people put 'rangoli' patterns outside their house to bring good luck. We also learnt about 'mendhi' patterns and Miss Wright put 'mendhi' patterns our hands using henna. To celebrate Diwali, we made 'Diva' lamps using clay. We had to mould the clay using our hands. Once they had dried, we painted the 'Diva' lamps using bright colours and lots of glitter! At the end of the week, Tia's Mummy was very kind and brought in Indian sweets for us to try. We thought that they were yummy!


Here are a few pictures of us learning about Diwali

Our Autumn Walk


This week, we have been learning about 'Autumn'. We have observed lots of signs of autumn, such as how the leaves fall from the trees, the many different colour of the leaves and the change in our weather. This morning, we wrapped up warmly and put on our wellington boots to go an 'Autumn walk' around the school fields. We all had our own collecting bag and searched for pine cones, conkers, leaves, acorns, sticks and feather. Some of us also drew what we saw on clipboards. We had such good fun. Take a look!

We didn't finish there though...


We wanted to show you the actions to the 'Autumn leaves' song. We hope you enjoy it!

'Autumn Leaves' by Nursery Wright

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