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Naughty Bus


Over the last few weeks, Nursery Wright have been learning all about the Naughty Bus. He has been a little bit naughty in Nursery. When we came into school, we noticed he had got red paint all over the table. Then he jumped into our water bowl before it went in the freezer and ended up a frozen bus! We talked about the different ways that we could help the bus out of the ice. After that he decided to try and eat our jelly and got stuck in the jelly. We had great fun eating the jelly to get him out. He even sneaked into Mila's lunchbox and tried to eat her lunch! He has been very mischievous but we have been trying to teach him how to get it 'right'. He has been busy visiting everyone's homes to learn to be a good bus. 

Nursery Wright's Trip to Smithills Farm

Tuesday 10th May 2022

We fed the goats, sheep and llamas.

We then went for a ride on a donkey.

We went on a very bumpy tractor ride to feed the donkeys. 

Time to eat and play!

In the afternoon, we all went to the milking parlour and listened to Farmer Carl telling us all about how cows are milked. We watched as the cows were milked and were amazed at how much milk the cows produced. 

Before we went home, we went to pets corner and had the opportunity to hold the chicks and bunnies. We then stroked the owls,  alpacas, goats and a donkey. Finally we fed the lambs their milk. 


We had a great day at the farm! 

Easter Bunny visits Nursery!

Making Easter nest cakes

Pancake Day

Chinese New Year

Nursery 2022 Gung Hay Fat Choy

Owl Babies

Nursery have been learning about the story, Owl Babies'. On Thursday 20th January, the Owl Sanctuary came to visit Nursery. Paul told us that he helps to look after the poorly owls. He told us lots of facts about owls. He taught us that owls make different sounds. The female owls say ‘twit’ and the male owls say ‘twoo’. He told us that some owls fly silently, just like the owl mummy, who flew soft and silently to her owl babies. . He then showed us their wing span- it felt very windy when the owls flapped their wings! We then took it in turns to hold and stroke the little owl called Jenson.

Take a look at some of our fantastic work on 'Owl Babies'.

Christmas Fun