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Sports Day

Even though the morning started with rain we were very lucky that it stopped in time for our Sports Day .The children were all excited and ready to go. They all gave 100% and even though there were a few falls along the way they always made sure they got up and carried on with the race. 


I am very proud of them all and their fantastic attitude to the whole day and how they didn't mind where they positioned within each race. I hope all the children enjoyed themselves today and I know they loved having an ice lolly afterwards. I have never seen them get changed so quickly wink


Thank you mums and dad for sending in their coloured team t-shirts, competing within the mums' and dad's race and not only supporting your child but all the children within the class. 

Running Race

Bean Bag Race 

Obstacle Race 

Mums' and Dad's Race

Winners ... RED TEAM! 

Sportsmanship Award ...


Well done Isaac, throughout our practises you have been cheering everyone on and then looking after your friends when they were upset telling them "It doesn't matter if you don't win, it's just fun!" Your manners as well today were out of this world. 


You certainly deserve this award and I am very proud of you.