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What we've been doing in class


What a lovely morning we had at Desire Coffee Shop.  Mr. Platt treated us all to an ice-cream.  Thank you!


What a fun morning we have had.   Running race, quoit on the head race and the obstacle race (hoop over our head, beanbag on a bat, hat and handbag).  Yellow team won.  Well done!  Toomy won the sportsmanship trophy and lots of Mums and Dads raced too.  The sun shone and everybody was happy.  Especially with an ice pop treat later. 


Today was our annual 'fun day' in Nursery.  We came to school dressed as pirates, mermaids, sharks and divers.  We had hot dogs, cakes and drinks and picked which tattoo we would like.  We danced outside (even though it was a little rainy) and walked the plank, which was really funny.  We even took our socks and shoes off and walked through the water (avoiding the sharks).  We also made maps, telescopes, watched 'Finding Nemo' and 'Jake and the Netherland Pirates' and even had a special ice-cream treat.  What a fun day!


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Our Ducklings

Nursery have really enjoyed learning about life cycles and have been so lucky to watch five little ducklings hatch.  The eggs kept warm in an incubator and then the ducklings stayed in a large cage.  Every day we cleaned their cage and gave them fresh food and water.  We all held them and even watched them play in water and run around the classroom.  They are now going back to the farm to be with their Mummy and Daddy.  


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Today we enjoyed a music session with 'Druhm'.  We each had a space hopper and holder with a set of drumsticks.  We were taught rhythm and how to follow a sequence.  We needed really good listening skills too.  It was so much fun and look how much we were concentrating.


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This week we have been enjoying lots of activities for Easter.  We have learnt about Easter symbols, particularly how a cross represents Jesus dying to save us.  However we also learnt that Easter Sunday was a happy day because Jesus came alive again.  We made crosses on our Easter cards using 'scrunched' up tissue paper.  We baked Easter cakes, made Easter bonnets and we were very lucky because the Easter Bunny came to see us.

Our wonderful Easter bonnets.

Making a chocolate Easter cake with a chick and and egg.

Planting 'magic' beans that grew into Easter eggs.

Our Easter treat/

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We were so 'eggcited'!

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New Life - Growing Sunflowers

And lots more fun!


This week we celebrated Pancake Day.  We made pancake batter and each 'tossed/flipped' a pancake.  We thought this was very funny.  We then chose what topping we would like on the pancake before we ate it.  They were delicious.  We completed a pictogram graph to see which was the favourite topping.  We also read the books 'The Big Pancake' which is similar to The Gingerbread Man and Mr Wolf's Pancakes which had a few familiar characters in.  


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Chinese New Year

Look at us eating noodles using chopsticks.


During R.E. we learnt about how Mary and Joseph travelled on a donkey to Bethlehem.  Baby Jesus was born there in a stable.  Shepherds and 3 Kings came to visit him.  Christmas Day is Jesus' birthday.  We performed a very special Christmas Nativity for our families, telling the story and singing lots of Christmas songs.  We all dressed up in special angel costumes.

We have had a wonderful time in Nursery leading up to Christmas with lots and lots of fun activities.  Here are just a few of them.  We made Snowman Christmas cards, we went to the post office to post letters to Father Christmas, he then came to visit us with a present, we made a Christmas bauble, had Christmas dinner, enjoyed a Christmas party, sang a special carol concert, decorated a Christmas tree with our own baubles, took turns to take the Posada box home, made a funny calendar to sell at the PTA fair, baked a Christmas tree biscuit, went to see 'Wish' at the cinema, watched the pantomime 'Gnome Alone' and had a relaxing slumber afternoon with hot chocolate.   Phew!!!!! We are so tired now.

Waiting for Father Christmas.

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Our Carol Concert.

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We sang carols to raise money for Cash4Kids to help buy some children Christmas presents.


Nursery began their learning about Diwali with a visit from Jasmine's Mummy.  We were very lucky that she came in traditional Hindu costume.  She also allowed the children to dress up in colourful scarves.  During the week we learnt about how Diwali is the festival of light.  We made rangoli patterns using chalk, had henna mendhi patterns on our hands, played with coloured rice , used scissors to cut along lines to coloured fireworks  and made clay diva lamps to take home. 


We also learnt about 'Holi', the festival of colour.  We went outside, covering our uniform, and expressed our happiness by throwing coloured powder paint.  It was super fun!  We even tried to catch Mr. Platt.  




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Owl Babies

After reading Owl Babies last week,  Peter and Taz visited us from Cheshire Falconry with five different owls.  They taught us so many facts about what owls eat, about their ears and their different breeds.  We loved watching them fly around the room.  We could then stroke each owl.