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Spring Walk

This week we have been learning about spring, and what changes happen during springtime.


After we had a discussion about spring we went around the school grounds to see if we could find any signs of spring. We first came across the blossom tree within the KS1 playground. We then took our time and drew a picture of the blossom tree. Whilst we were doing so we could hear the birds tweeting and we all enjoyed the sun whilst it made its appearance. Once we spent a few minutes on our drawings we then carried on with our search. We noticed that there were lots of daffodils around school, so we decided to create our own daffodil paintings.


Children's Voices About Spring  

  • "It's sunny and bees collect honey from flowers and flowers grow."  -Amelie 
  • "You see nests because birds make them for their babies." - Ezra 
  • "At springtime you get Easter eggs from the nest." - Harley
  • "It's Easter and that's when we remember Jesus because he died on the cross because he wanted to protect us." - James 
  • "Flowers start to grow, I've seen daffodils." - Arabella 
  • "Flowers they grow." - Ava 
  • "Birds make nests so they lay their eggs to keep them warm and safe." - Aili
  • "Birds come out and you can hear them tweeting." - Enzo
  • "Bees come out because there's flowers." - George
  • "Flowers grow on trees." - Isaac
  • "Bees come out to make the honey." - Isabel
  • "Birds hatch out of eggs ... chicks and birds." - Louie 
  • "There's winter, autumn, summer and now it's spring." - Albie 
  • "It's we it's raining and when it's sunny."- June
  • "When it's nearly night time the clouds go and it looks like morning but it's really night time." - Jensen 
  • "When all the animals come out." - Bella
  • "When it's a little bit warm and little bit cold it's spring." - James
  • "When ladybirds come out and when the trees grow and flowers grow."- Penny
  • "Baby chicks been born out of eggs." - Joshua
  • "It's hot and animals start to be born." - Minnie 
  • "Flowers grow on trees." - Muna
  • "Flowers start to be open up." - Owen
  • "Leaves start to grow on the trees ... they fell off the trees when it was autumn." - Zac

Here are some pictures of the children exploring outdoors and finding signs of spring whilst out on their walks with their families …