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Ice Cream Treat at Desire

Nursery Fun Day

Carnival Day

Carnival Day was such a fun day.  We dressed up in bright coloured clothes, watched the film 'Rio', ate hotdogs and tomato sauce, played games such as tin can alley, did the conga, tried to limbo, had tattoos and got soaked with the water gun.  We finished off with a huge ice cream from the ice cream van and a mocktail. 

After visiting Smithills Farm and learning about the life cycle of a duck, we were very lucky to experience watching little ducklings hatch in class.  We had five altogether.  We looked after the ducklings by giving them food and water.  They roamed around our classroom always staying together and we watched them jump in and out of water.  It was so much fun.

This week we have been enjoying lots of activities for Easter.  We have learnt about Easter symbols, particularly how a cross represents Jesus dying to save us.  However we also learnt that Easter Sunday was a happy day because Jesus came alive again.  We made crosses on our Easter cards using 'scrunched' up tissue paper.  We baked Easter cakes and we were very lucky because the Easter Bunny came to see us.

Drumz NW

Uploaded by St Andrews on 2023-03-03.

Today we enjoy experiencing 'Drumz Aloud'.  We each had a space hopper and holder with a set of drumsticks.  We were taught rhythm and how to follow a sequence.  We needed really good listening skills too.  It was so much fun and look how much we were concentrating. 

Pancake Day

This week we celebrated Pancake Day, which is next week whilst we are off school.  We made pancake batter and each 'tossed/flipped' a pancake'.  We thought this was very funny.  We then chose what topping we would like on the pancake before we ate it.  They were delicious.  We then completed a pictogram graph to see which was the favourite topping.  We also read the books 'The Big Pancake' which is similar to The Gingerbread Man and also Mr Wolf's Pancakes. 

Chinese New Year

Take a look at the Chinese New Year activities that we have been doing in class this week.

We tried using chopsticks to eat noodles. They were very tricky to use! We also ate prawn crackers and sweet chilli dip. 


During R.E. we learnt about how Mary and Joseph travelled on a donkey to Bethlehem.  Baby Jesus was born there in a stable.  Shepherds and 3 Kings came to visit him.  Christmas Day is Jesus' birthday.  We performed a very special Christmas Nativity for our families, telling the story and singing lots of Christmas songs.  We all dressed up in special angel costumes. 

We have had a wonderful time in Nursery leading up to Christmas with lots and lots of fun activities.  Here are just a few of them.  We made Snowman Christmas cards, we went to the post office to post letters to Father Christmas, he then came to visit us with a present, we made a Christmas bauble, had Christmas dinner, enjoyed a Christmas party, sang a special carol concert, decorated a Christmas tree with our own baubles, took turns to take the Posada box home, made a funny calendar to sell at the PTA fair, baked a Christmas tree biscuit, went to see Lyle Lyle Crocodile at the cinema, made a Shakin Stevens video and watched the pantomime A Riskmas Carol.  Phew!!!!! We are so tired now.