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What we've been doing in class

Ice Creams at Desire

Mrs Owen visited us to teach us about Baptism. 


We had a great day making our own fruit kebabs. We started by sorting fruits and vegetables. We then learned about where and how fruit and vegetables grow - on trees, on vines, above the ground and underground. We talked about where food comes from and discussed healthy and unhealthy foods. After this, we researched existing products and designed our fruit kebabs. We then made our fruit kebabs. We were very careful when cutting up the fruit. We used the 'bridge' method and the 'claw method' to cut the fruit with a knife. We threaded the fruit onto our skewer and ate them! They were delicious. Finally, we evaluated our finished products. 

Red Nose Day

A great day learning about the Victorian times, old toys and much more!

In Computing, we have been taking photos and editing them. We have also been searching for images online, saving images and creating collages. 

Children in Need 2022

We had a fantastic Children in Need day!