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What we've been doing in class

Stations of The Cross

The children have been learning all about the Easter story in RE at the moment. Our topic ended with a lovely tour of The Stations of The Cross. 


The children have been doing a lot of investigating with Miss Doherty in science. Here they are planting some seeds. They will keep checking how they are growing under different conditions. 

Y3's 'Arrays' of Sunshine! 

We used arrays today to help develop our understanding of multiplication facts. We created an 'array' of sunshine! 


Mummifying a tomato!

We couldn't get our hands on an Ancient Egyptian mummy, so we had followed the mummification process with a tomato instead! 

Harvest time!

Last week we had a go at identifying numbers on a number line. We tried different intervals and talked to each other about how we worked out each missing number.