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What we've been doing in class

Circus skills in 3HO!

Thank you Desire!

We had a lovely walk up to Desire and enjoyed some delicious ice creams. What a lovely afternoon! 

Sports Day and Ice Pops

A brilliant morning from all our athletes followed by a nice cool down with Mr Freeze ice pops! 

Race to the rainbow

The children had fun today with a 'Race to the rainbow' challenge. To complete the rainbow, they had to solve addition and subtraction word problems! 

Life as a Roman soldier!

3Ho had great fun learning about the life of a Roman soldier with Miss Doherty. They even tried some marching and speaking in Latin!

Printing in Y3!

This week we did something the Celts would be proud of. First of all we had to create a symmetrical design worthy of a Celtic shield. Then we had to transfer this design to polystyrene sheets. Next we had to use blue paint and a roller before the big finalé of printing it onto a new piece of paper. It was a little messy but good fun! 

Recognising Quarter Turns

This week the children have been identifying whole turns, half turns and quarter turns. We even noticed how a quarter turn can also be described as a right angle turn at 90 degrees!

Y3 build some 3D shapes

Stations of The Cross

The children have been learning all about the Easter story in RE at the moment. Our topic ended with a lovely tour of The Stations of The Cross. 


The children have been doing a lot of investigating with Miss Doherty in science. Here they are planting some seeds. They will keep checking how they are growing under different conditions. 

Y3's 'Arrays' of Sunshine! 

We used arrays today to help develop our understanding of multiplication facts. We created an 'array' of sunshine! 


Mummifying a tomato!

We couldn't get our hands on an Ancient Egyptian mummy, so we had followed the mummification process with a tomato instead! 

Harvest time!

Last week we had a go at identifying numbers on a number line. We tried different intervals and talked to each other about how we worked out each missing number.