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Many people assume that spirituality is to do with Collective Worship, Religious Education or PSHE and therefore it tends to be put into those boxes. However, in reality, it should influence and permeate all areas of school life. 


Spirituality at St. Andrew's is about our relationships with each other, our family, friends, those around us in our community and with God. Pupils' spiritual development is the glue that binds our school together.

Year 5 Easter Poetry

We looked at the traditional Easter hymn ‘There is a Green Hill Far Away’. The children then decided which words they thought showed the true meaning of the Easter story and the victory that Jesus had. They left those words in white and blacked out the rest. Have a look at their work, we think it’s fantastic.

Easter Stations of the Cross

This week in school all of our classes are learning about the Easter story. We have set up the stations of the cross in the hall and the forum and we use these to understand, learn and reflect on the Easter story.

5CK were very fortunate to have Mrs Owen share the Easter experience with them.


Class Worship

Our Christian Message

Wood Street Mission

Our head and deputy boys and girls helped to load up the school minibus with all of the toys that had been generously donated by our school families. They then delivered them to Wood Street Mission in Manchester, who were very grateful.