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What we have been doing in Year 1

Seaside fun day (end of Year 1)

We had such a good time at our seaside fun day!! First we watched a Punch and Judy show where we were showed the puppets and discussed how they work. Then we had fun playing Volleyball and got Summer tattoos outside. After that we watching a magic show and went outside to have a donkey ride. Finally the ice cream van came and we all got a '99'. What an amazing day!!!! I think the enjoyment is evident on the children's faces!!!

Summer Term



This term, in computing we have enjoyed our topic- 'We are storytellers'. The children have created a talking book to share with others.

The children have used sound recording equipment to record sound based on their previous topic- 'The Great Fire Of London'. They have developed collaboration skills as they worked together in groups of 3. They discussed how a talking book differs from a paper-based book and decided that a book with sounds effects and expressive voices was much more interesting.

1W Great Fire of London 1_480p(1).mp4

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1W Fire of London 2_480p(1).mp4

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1W Great Fire of London 3_480p(1).mp4

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Houses and homes topic.


As part of our topic on houses and homes, the children have studied the famous architect-Antoni Gaudi, who designed many spectacular buildings in Barcelona, Spain. The children have enjoyed exploring his special technique known as 'trencadis'- where he breaks up lots of brightly coloured tiles to decorate parts of his buildings.


The children were asked- What do you know or think about Gaudi?


Thea- Gaudi is very creative.

Frankie- His buildings are in Spain, my Daddy told me about his big tall buildings.

Sadie- I like his designs.

Katie- I like that he says- 'If you want to go fast then you've got to go slow'

Axel-He's very good at buildings.

Alexia-He says-' If you want to go fast then you've got to go slow'.

Kailo- I like his designs.

Jayden I like how he designs his buildings all swirly with different shapes. I like how its different to our houses.

Annabelle- I like that he uses waves and tall buildings.

Maya H- He thinks about nature.

Rylee- He uses lots of bright colours.

Harry-I like his motto- If you want to go fast then you've got to go slow.

Megan-Gaudi's work is good because he uses bright colours.

Maya R-I think his buildings are very creative.

George-I like his pointy trees.

Fatima-He has great buildings because he uses waves.

Harrison E-F- His buildings are in Barcelona. He designs buildings.

Lily- His buildings are colourful.

Harrison L- He says- 'If you want to go fast then you've got to go slow'.

Luisa- He breaks up lots of pieces of coloured glass.

Oliver- I liked his lizard.

Kornelia- I like his curved, colourful buildings. He was an architect.

Izabella-I like the swizzle shapes.

Jole- I like when he smashes tiles to make his buildings.

Oscar- He is famous because he is good at making buildings.

Riley F- His buildings are amazing because of the patterns and colours.

Chloe- He smashes the pieces into lots of bits to make beautiful designs.

Tate- His buildings are colourful. His buildings are in Barcelona.


Spring Term 1W

What a very busy Spring term we have had. Starting off with 8 weeks of home learning then returning to school, Red Nose Day, Easter activities and lots more.

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying their return to school. Can you spot the Easter bunny who surprised us by sneaking into our classroom and filling our Easter boxes with treats. We think he must know that we are the best class!

Well done everybody for a great term, have a great Easter break!


Spring Term in Year 1

This term we have been learning about gymnastics in P.E. We have practised lots of shapes and positions- straight ,dish, arch, front support, back support, Y shape, T shape, L shape, straddle, star, tuck and pike. We worked hard on stretching our bodies and pointing our toes. Then we had a go at mirror images with a partner. 


When we got really good with our shapes we practised doing a small sequence on the equipment. We also had a go at a jump, bending our knees and finishing with a straight position.

What a fantastic time we have had in the run up to Christmas!! Well done 1W and Happy Christmas!

Children In Need

We had a fantastic day on Friday 13th celebrating Children In Need. We did P.E with Joe Wicks, designed a new Pudsey bandana and had a virtual assembly from Mr Platt. Thank you for all your kind donations.

Autumn 2

Remembrance Day

Last week we remembered those who gave their lives for our today. We each made a cross with a poppy on. These pictures show us planting our crosses. We then had a one minute silence on Google Classroom with the rest of the school to show our respect to the soldiers. We also listened to 'The Last Post' played my Miss Lea.