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What we've been doing in class

We have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. We then created these pieces of art work using the colours we made.

In history, we have been learning about the history of toys. 

Author visit - Steve Smallman

Back in November, we sent Steve Smallman some of our writing based on his story 'The Moose Fairy'. In January, he visited our school and left us with an illustration based on our ideas. We loved listening to him read some of his books. We asked him lots of questions about how he became an author, where he gets his ideas from and why he likes being an author and illustrator. 


We're looking forward to writing a story to match our illustration. 

Science show

Adrian Bowden visited us. We loved watching the 'materials' science show. 

Year 1 performed an amazing Nativity play. Well done, everyone.

The Moose Fairy

We have been reading 'The Moose Fairy' by Steve Smallman. We wrote letters to Moose to cheer him up as he felt very sad when he was left out. We also wrote a set of instructions on 'how to be a perfect fairy.' Our teacher tweeted some of the letters and instructions to Steve Smallman. This was his reply! We were so happy with our drawing he did for us. Click on this link to see some of our fantastic writing (you may need to click on 'show replies').

We had a fantastic day learning about Australia. We learned about Australian animals such as kangaroos, platypuses, koalas, emus, Tasmanian devils and wombats. We made Australian flags and learned a song about a kookaburra. Lastly, we created some aboriginal art work. 

Hello Yellow Day

As part of our learning about Harvest, we learned that food comes from different countries. We used the atlases to find different countries. We talked about some Harvests failing and what we can do to help. 


We created branching databases in computing. We used questions such as "does it have lungs?" "does it have fur?" and "is it a bird?" to sort animals.

We used the laptops to make pictograms. 

We used our maths skills and mathematical apparatus to represent data.

Year 1 had a great session with Trikidz, completing a mini triathlon. 

The Cautious Caterpillar

We ordered the events from the story 'The Cautious Caterpillar'.