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What we've been doing in class

Trip to Quarry Bank Mill

Exploring 2D Representations of 3D Shapes

We absolutely loved seeing your Tudor homework projects. We were so impressed with the amount of effort you put into them and it was fantastic to spend time reading them all.

Having fun experimenting in Science

We had great fun during our Science show!

Christmas in Year 5


Getting stuck into our papier mache rainforest animal masks in art.


Learning how to relax through yoga.


Edstart injected humour into our PE life skills lesson today, with seated inflatable beach ball volleyball! Followed by lacrosse where we learned how to pass and catch.

4th October 

Today in our Edstart ‘Wellbeing through Sport’ session, we learned about communication and problem solving. It was a lot of fun, especially trying to not fall into the ‘acid river’.