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Mother's Day

Back in October the children planted a special bulb into a planter outside their classroom. We had a discussion about what we think may grow from the bulb and many of us thought onions would grow as the bulb looked like an onion. 


We have taken really good care of our plant and have loved watching it grow. Miss Bailey knew that tulips were meant to blossom however, they haven't in time for Mother's Day. So Miss Bailey got her special magic fairy dust, we sprinkled it onto the plants and onto our heads whilst saying the magic spell ... 


"Abracadabra flowers grow"


We were so excited to see that our spell had worked and we can't wait to give our mummies a tulip that we grew with lots of love and care and of course some magic.


Happy Mother's Day

Planting Our Bulb

Magical Fairy Dust 

WOW! The Magic Worked!

Picking The Perfect Tulip