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What we have been doing in class

Manchester Airport Visitor Centre

On Monday we went on a trip to learn about flight and aeroplanes.  Here are the photographs of our day, ask your children about what they did.


Trip to St Mary's Church, Ellenbrook

Here are some pictures of our trip to the church. We had a fantastic time and Mrs Owen taught us some really fascinating facts about the church. Did you know that it is almost 300 years old and that the roof is shaped like a boat? Ask your children what else they learned?


Design & Technology Day

Today we have been doing D&T (Design and Technology) all day.  Our task was to design a healthy snack that would be fun to eat.

First of all we tried a variety of fruit and vegetables, we knew that these are healthy foods because we have learned about this in science, and we described the taste and texture of everything we ate. We found Colin the Carrot and we wouldn't let Mrs Squires chop him up!

Can you spot Colin?


Then we learned how to use a knife, a grater and a peeler safely and tried out our new skills to prepare some food for later.

Next, we designed an interesting looking snack, thinking carefully about how we could use the fruit and vegetables that we had.  After that we made our design into a real snack!

Finally, we ate our work, that was the best part of our lesson.  Mrs Squires was amazed at how imaginative some of our designs were and at how much our snacks looked like our designs.  She even picked one of us to take home Colin as a  prize for the best design.  Well done Arman!  Look below for photographs of our day.



Autumn observational drawing

I am...

In class we have been thinking about what makes each one of us special.  We have put our ideas on the classroom wall as a reminder that we are all unique and we are all FANTASTIC! heart