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This half term we have been learning about minibeasts. We went and made our own minibeats habitats and then we went on a hunt for minibeasts.

Creating our own minibeasts habitats ...

What I put in my habitat …

“A leaf cos they love leaves and grass cos they lovely normal flavours and they can eat the grass …nom nom nom.” - Connie

“Grass for the bugs so they can run around and a twig so they can climb.” – Thea

“Flowers, leaves and grass cos the bugs like it.” – Harriet

“Grass and daises because the bugs will look like daisies and I got a big leaf for the shelter and put it on top of the pot.” – Mia

“Grass cos it’s green and they like it and can eat it.” – Logan

“Leaves because they were big.” – Kaito

“Flowers because they are so pretty and bees like them so they can get things out of them to make honey.” – Ava

“Daisies and grass and leaves and daffodils then it can be comfy for all the minibeasts.” – Sophia

“I put grass in it so any insects what I find can eat it.” – Louie

“Leaves cos they can eat.” – Jamie

“Some flowers, some grass and some leaves. If they are so hungry they can eat them and I made it flat so they can sleep.” – Roni

“Flowers because the ladybirds can eat it.” – Audrey

“Leaves because I want to collect a snail and snails like leaves and they can eat them.” – Farrah

“Some daisies and some leaves for the minibeast’s home so they can go on them because it’s their house.” – Chloe

“A leaf I did it for a slide for the minibeasts.” – Olivia

Going on a minibeast hunt ...