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Christian Vision, Values and Ethos

Together we can achieve our goal.

Love, Learn, Lead

'I have come that they may have life in all its fullness.' John 10:10

Our Mission Statement

St. Andrew’s Church of England Primary School is a happy, safe and welcoming environment where everyone is valued. Our Christian faith is central to children’s moral development, mutual respect and appreciation for the cultural diversity within our community.  It is our intention to provide opportunities for every child to succeed and to strive towards excellence in everything they do. We are a family, our strength is in our love and respect for one another. Together we can achieve our goal.

Our Core Christian Values Hand

Our Vision and Values


Our vision is to prepare children to be active and responsible members of society within a happy, safe and welcoming environment founded on our Christian faith. We ensure that wellbeing and mental health is a priority for our whole school community: staff, parents and children. We will strive to create an environment that has a whole school approach, in providing excellent mental health support, understanding and intervention. It is our intention to provide opportunities for every child to succeed and to strive towards excellence in everything they do and leave St. Andrew’s as ‘well rounded human beings’.


Our Core Values.
We value that we are taught to love one another by showing that another person’s happiness is more important than mine.  


We try to make a conscious effort to forgive and let go of feelings that come with bearing a grudge.


We empathise with anyone who is suffering and try to reduce their suffering.


We value that we are fair to each other and adults alike and embrace each other’s differences.


We value the chance to work together and resolve our differences harmoniously. 


We value the opportunity to not show that we are reliable and don’t let others down.

Our Aims
•    To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to all abilities which introduces children to a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding

•    To enable children to maximise their potential and develop their self-confidence and esteem

•    To create a secure, caring and supportive environment grounded in moral and spiritual development

•    To encourage respect and care for others whilst providing opportunities for children to display their talents

The Power of Prayer


During Collective Worship time we offer opportunities to participate in and lead prayers. Our children are eager to talk to God and share their worries; requests and thanks through prayer. Our spiritual leaders help to lead whole school worship on a Monday by organising the prayers, supporting the reflection and arranging the music.

Some act of collective worship takes place everyday. Whole school worship through assemblies happens on a Monday and a Friday morning. The headteacher and Vicar lead Monday's assembly and staff lead Friday's.


Our School Prayers

Spiritual Journeys


 Within our spiritual journeys, each child will show how they have grown and developed as a Christian during their time at St. Andrew’s. The children will produce a piece of work once a year that will represent their understanding of the key spiritual events.