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Going on our Minibeast Hunt ...


Giant African Land Snail

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Giant African Millipede

Chilean Rose Tarantula

Tree Frog

Corn Snake

After learning about minibeasts this half term, we worked together within groups to perform poems about minibeasts. Within our groups we choose a poem and discussed what we thought the poem was about. Afterwards, we thought of our own actions to go with the words and we performed our poem to the rest of the class. 


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"I like our poem. It's about caterpillars going into a cocoon." - Isaac

"The caterpillar turns into a butterfly." - Aili

"I like the butterflies, they spread their wings." - Ava

"I like when it turns into a butterfly." Albie 

"I liked the poem because it was about caterpillars turning into butterflies. It doesn't wake up in the winter because it's too cold." - Muna

Fuzzy Wuzzy Creepy Crawly.MOV

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Creepy Crawly

"It was funny, I like doing the caterpillar." - Owen 

"It's all about the life cycle of a butterfly." - James

"I liked when we were doing the jumping bit." - Zac

"The butterflies are yellow." - Ezra

"I liked the fuzzy wuzzy creepy crawly bit." - George

Here is the Beehive.MOV

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Here is the Beehive

"I liked it because it was like you're stuck in the hive and then you came out like the bees." - Enzo 

"It's all about bees, they make honey in their hive."  -Arabella

"I like when the bees buzzzzzzzz." - Christopher 

"Yeah, I liked the bees coming out of the bee hive." - Iris 

"The bees come in and out of a beehive, it's where they live and they sleep there." -Isabel 

"I liked when we did buzzzzzzz, we were like singing bees." - Penny

Shoo Fly.MOV

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Shoo Fly

"I like the actions, the minibeast is a fly and he's getting annoyed." - Jensen 

"The morning star is when the flies have woken up and shoo means they want to go away." -Joshua 

"We get to do actions, the flies are flying." - Emilia 

"Somebody is trying to get it off and fly away from it." - June 

"I like the end of the poem. It's about a fly that is bothering a person and they shoo it to go away. The morning star, that's the sun." - Amelie 

Insects All Around.MOV

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Insects All Around

"Yeah I like it, it has insects." - Harley

"Yeah, I liked it because of the moves. Teeny is when something is as small as a mouse."  -Minnie 

"It's about minibeasts and teeny means small." - Bella 

"I like it cos they're ladybirds, butterflies and ants." - Nicholas

"Yeah I like butterflies." - Amelia 

"I liked the moves, the jumping up and down bit." - Louie