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Uniform Information

School uniform needs to be ordered direct from our current supplier Touchline via their online web page Touchline UK - Shop by School / St Andrews CE Primary School Boothstown (



You can either choose to have your order delivered to school at no charge or direct to your home for a small fee. Uniform orders over £50 can be delivered direct to your home free of charge.


School uniform orders cannot be accepted at the school office but you can still purchase ties, book bags and PE bags from ourselves.


Orders are only delivered to school on a Thursday and they will be sent home with your child.


Should you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Touchline direct on 01925 413777 or the school office.



Navy v neck sweat shirt (with logo)

White polo shirt (with logo)

Grey trousers (elasticated)

Sensible black shoes

Optional summer uniform (Easter onwards) – grey tailored shorts and white polo shirt



Navy v neck sweatshirt or cardigan (with logo) white polo shirt (logo)

Navy pinafore or skirt

Sensible black shoes

Winter navy blue trousers (optional)

Optional summer uniform (Easter onwards) – navy/light blue gingham dress


All Nursery and Reception children to have a navy blue zip up fleece to keep at school for use under outdoor wetsuits in colder weather.



Navy v neck sweatshirt with logo

White shirt and school tie

Grey trousers

Sensible black shoes

Optional summer uniform (Easter onwards) – grey tailored shorts, white short sleeved school shirt and tie



Navy v neck sweater or cardigan with logo

White shirt and school tie

Navy blue pinafore or skirt

Sensible black shoes

Winter – navy blue trousers (optional)

Summer – Easter onwards – navy/light blue gingham dress (optional)



Black plimsolls

Navy blue shorts

White polo shirt

Drawstring bag


It is imperative that children leave their PE bags in school all week so as not to inconvenience parents at work to bring kits into school. It should be taken home at appropriate intervals for washing.



Girls: Please support school by tying your daughter’s long hair up with sensible scrunches, ribbons or slides.  Hair braids can be a danger to other pupils in school so please refrain from allowing your child to have these done.  Hair dyes too, are not advised for school.

Boys: Please support us by not allowing your child to have his hair cut too short – as a rule, number two is the shortest we allow.



Staff cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any amounts of money and jewellery including watches and toys. Moreover, we do not allow the wearing of earrings, including sleepers as they may cause injury.  They can be worn after school.  Children with recently pierced ears will be allowed to wear small studs covered with a plaster for a period of six weeks until the wound sets itself.

Please note that there is a large red plastic container in the KS2 area where any mislaid uniform and p.e. kits are stored. If your child does lose any of their school clothing, please come to the school office and we will direct you to the lost property box.