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Attendance and Punctuality

Lateness / Absence procedures


Regular and prompt attendance allows every child access to the education to which they are entitled by law. St Andrew's values good attendance and punctuality because this equates to high standards.


If your child is absent from school, please call the school office on 0161 921 1640. Please report your child's absence before 9am.


All children should arrive at school by 8.55am (9am for Nursery). Anyone arriving between 9.05am and 9.25am, when registers have closed, will be marked as an unauthorised absence.


Please note that medical appointments are still absences and can affect your child's learning if taken during school hours. Every effort should be made to arrange appointments outside of school hours. If this is not possible, children should attend school before and after their appointment. Appointment letters / texts should be shown at the school office when informing school about an appointment.

Holidays in Term Time


Since 1st September 2013 new guidance issued by the Department for Education has applied to all absences during term time. An absence during term time, including family holidays, is not a right.


Any absence from school disrupts a child's learning. In addition, children returning from a term-time absence generally require additional time from teachers to catch up on the teaching they have missed. This can have an impact on the education of other pupils in their class.


Therefore, the Department for Education only allows Headteacher's discretion to authorise an absence if they believe there are exceptional circumstances.


If a parent wants to request an absence (not including medical appointments) for their child during term-time, they should write to the Headteacher to ask for permission either by email or by letter handed in to the school office.

Please view Penalty Notice leaflet issued by Salford City Council in respect of penalties incurred when taking children out of school for holidays.